Stationary Haul: Work edition 🍍🌴✏

I work in a Primary school and this week (beg 17th) is the last week of term! Hurrah!! (Although spare a thought for those of us who still work in the holidays)

I love a bit of stationary as much as the next person, plus I like to get a fresh set for September (Back to school! Seriously you think that’s only a thing when your a child, it isn’t when you work in a school) so when I went into the Range and I was delighted to find some awesome stationary.

If you are a regular round here you’ll have noticed from a few of my previous posts that I’m really into the tropical print atm, so you’ll see why this stationary range grabbed my attention ✌

Let’s take a look!

I love this Ombre, holographic, shiny notebook with ‘My colourful life’ on the front, cute. I went for green as it’s my favourite colour and it was nice and bright.

This was £1.99

These tropical themed A5 note pads are so lovely and very similar to some I mentioned in a previous post, check that out >>here<< 

When I saw the pineapples and flamingos I had to get one of each 🙈 These were £1 each, bargin!

These flamingo shaped post it notes are so cute and were only £1.50

And just incase post it notes aren’t enough I picked up this set of sticky notes. This set has large post it’s at the top and four tab sticky notes. I love that these have  little pictures on. These were £1.

Paperclip with pom poms on… need I say anymore!?! So cool. I love the colours too. This pack was £1.49.

A pack of rubbers, because again they are tropical themed! But also because I can never find a rubber when the kids at work need one and I think they would like these too! This pack was £1.

And last but not least…

I thought I would just include this as I picked it up at the Range too. This is a mini colouring book with patterns and pictures in it for you to colour in. I love the adult colouring books and thought this was cute for on the go. I went for the wildlife one. The pictures are really pretty so I can’t wait to add a splash of colour to them. This was £1.

So as you can see the Range have some awesome stationary and it’s so cheap!! Love it. 

I still work in the summer hols but I get a couple of days off here and there and a couple of weeks in the middle! So here’s to a bit of a rest ready for the challenges that September and another new term will hold.

Until next time, 

Roseanne 🙂

Stationary haul 📒✏📌

Who doesn’t love stationary?! I thought I’d share my recent haul from high street shops & supermarkets.

I’ll include photos, prices & the shops that they came from 👍 Let’s start…


This cute storage box was only £3.00 in Wilko. I like to keep any letters, cards, tickets, basically memories in these so that I can keep them safe and look back through them. I love pastel colours 🌸

This little ring bind note book is super cute! It was only £1.25 ! I love the tagline ‘You got this’. This is going to be really useful at work to write down my daily tasks/to do lists.

This One sentence a day diary is so cute! Such a nice idea, you only write one sentence to sum up your day, much quicker than having to write everything you’ve done & it helps you to capture the main points of the day.

It comes with a little bag to keep it in which says My diary, its pocket size which is really handy 👍 This was £2.00.


I picked up this lovely journal, cream with gold spots, from Tesco for under £10. This is great for jotting down blog post ideas.


I love a Sharpie and Tesco always do awesome offers on these during the Back to school season, I missed out last year I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again.

This pack has a huge variety of colours (30 in total) & is limited edition. For the set it cost £8 which is half the usual retail price, bargin! As a TA these are really useful to have in your stationary collection.

These next two items I didn’t buy myself, I received them as gifts, but I thought I’d include them in this stationary haul as they are super cute & very handy.

This is the Sticky notes Memo set, its’s great because it has 8 pads of decorated sticky memo notes. As you can see they are all different sizes which makes them really handy for lots of different things.

I love the floral design and style of this memo pad set, very Cath Kidston Esque!

and finally…

This Daisy biro is from Tiger. It’s really cute and will be great for use at work, the kids will love it! I mean who doesn’t love a novelty pen aye?! 

So that was my stationary haul, I think I need to steer clear of stationary shops for a while though as it gets quite addictive buying new bits and bobs.

Until next time, 

Roseanne 🙂