Easter hols diary: Week Two

🐣 Week Two 🐣

Saturday 13th April


Unfortunately it wasn’t the best outcome as my team got relegated after this match! So, its League one for us next season. I still enjoyed watching the football non the less. COYB!

Sunday 14th April

Kaitlyn’s 4th Birthday party

My friends little girl turned 4 so we had some fun at soft play & cake of course!

Wednesday 17th April

Breakfast with friends

Today I met my twin sister, nephews & our friends Livy, Demi & CC for breakfast at our local Harvester! (Because let’s be honest, breakfast food is the best food!!)

It was lovely to catch up, especially as one of my friends is very close to her due date so it was lovely to see her before she becomes very busy!!

Thursday 18th April

Evie-Mae’s first sleepover at Auntie Ro Ro’s & Uncle TT’s

It was lots of fun having Evie to sleepover!

Friday 19th April

Good Friday

In the morning, once Evie was up, baths had been done & breakfast had been served, we went for a play and a lovely walk to the park.

It was beautiful weather & Evie loved the play area. We then sat down for a refreshing drink & snack at the park cafe before mummy & Daddy collected her 😊

In the evening we went out for a family meal to celebrate my brother in laws 30th Birthday.

Saturday 20th April

Our first BBQ of the year!

On Saturday the beautiful sunshine continued and it was glorious!

We had our first BBQ of the year, at my father in laws.

Sunday 21st April

Easter Sunday

I love Easter Sunday (& not just because of the vast quantity of chocolate that is consumed) but because it’s just a lovely day and as a family we always get together.

For as long as I can remember we have gathered on Eastet Sunday for a Chinese (delish!) My Nana started this tradition and I’m determined it continues (& again, not just because of the delicious Chinese food consumed haha) but because I like traditions and there is something really lovely about keeping them alive.

In the morning I did some Easter baking with the boys and I took another trip, to another local park, with the boys for a play in the sunshine. This was lovely before our Chinese.

We also enjoyed our Easter eggs and swapped treats with each other.

The boys and Evie were really pleased with their Easter buckets.

Monday 22nd April

Easter Monday

This was one of my favourite days of the bank holiday. Tim took me to his work (which I hadn’t seen before) & showed me a lovely walk that him and his colleagues often do at lunch times.

We walked some of the way, stopped for a yummy lunch, at Suffolk Food Hall, in the sunshine and then walked the rest of the loop back to the start.

It was a beautifully sunny day and I really enjoyed myself, the walk was stunning


it was a lovely way to spend some time together ♡

& that’s a wrap! A brilliant Easter holiday full of fun, sorting out, Spring cleaning & relaxing… perfect.

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

Blogmas Day 7: My advent calendars

One of my favourite bits of Christmas is the build up and of course advent calendars are a big part of that.

I thought I would share with you guys which calendars I have this year.

This is the first time during a blogmas (& I think this is year 3 of me doing it) that I havn’t had a beauty advent calender. None of them took my fancy this year and the ones I’d had previously hadn’t changed a lot either. Plus is it just me or are they very expensive!!

So let’s take a look at the ones I did go for.

Chocolate first of course! And the king of chocolate, so it had to be, Cadburys.

I went for the ‘1994’ style edition as I thought it looked super traditional plus I’m a 90s kid so I thought it was cool.

I love having a little chunk of Cadbury chocolate every morning to look forward to.

I also got myself a colouring advent calendar too, just for a bit of fun!

You get a different picture for each day of advent and they are all Christmas themed.

It’s quite relaxing doing my colouring in the evening whilst I catch up on I’m a celeb.

What advent calenders have you guys got?

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

Summer diaries: Week Two, Three & Four!

Apologies for the delay! But my ‘Holiblog’ series kind of took over!

But, the summer hols are only just over so I thought I would finish the series up and update you guys on how I spent the middle weeks of the holidays.

The reason I’ve lumped a few weeks together is because I’m not going to actually explain what I did in weeks Two and Three as that is when we were in Florida…Instead I will leave the links to my holiblogs…

Weeks Two and Three

Florida 18 Holiblog pt1

Florida 18 Holiblog pt2

Florida 18 Holiblog pt3

Week Four

Thursday 23rd/Friday 24th August 2018

Tonight (Thurs) I slept over at my twin sister Sarah’s house.

We had a treat dinner before heading to bed ready for the celebrations the next day.

Friday 24th August 2018 marks two years since my beautiful youngest nephew Casey James was born.

I am so happy I am waking up there and being able to experience his birthday with him first thing. We have a fun day planned!

Our first stop was the cinema to watch

‘Luis and the aliens’

It was brilliant and we had a great time, especially with some yummy snacks and drinks included.

The film was one of the best kids films I’ve seen in ages!

Next stop! McDonald’s for a birthday treat lunch.

Stop number three, Pennikkity Pots!

Here we did something a bit different but fun and creative. The boys both chose a ceramic and they painted it. Casey chose a fish whilst Noah painted a shark.

They loved it!

Nana & Grandads in the evening for more presents opening and cake!!

It was a jammed packed but fun day to celebrate Casey turning two!

Saturday 25th August 2018

Me & my friend from work met up this evening to have a meal together.

Nandos was delicious as usual and the halloumi starter proved as difficult to avoid as always.

It was great to catch up after my holiday and have a good old chat!

Sunday 26th August 2018

Casey Jame’s second birthday party.

It’s kind of a tradition to have a little party each year, with all the family! So of course this year was no exception.

At Sarah & Dans we had party food, present opening, fun, games and of course cake!

There was a definite dino theme amongst his presents and he loved his dinosaur Jurassic World birthday cake.

We rounded off the day with a delicious impromptu (always the best kind) Chinese takeaway.

That’s the penultimate week done, its the last week next week 😱

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

A weekend away with family 🌸

This weekend me and Tim went to stay with my Auntie & Cousin in Norwich. We had planned this trip for a little while but the snow had scuppered our plans earlier on in March!

With the weather clear and our bags packed we headed off on Friday after work. We made it in good time (although a slow moving tractor on the way almost trapped us for a bit, good old East Anglia)

We were greeted with a delicious tea of pizzas which we all enjoyed, whilst catching up.

We also got cuddles with my Aunties new baby guinea pigs Digby and Tufty. They are brothers and are super cute! (Below is Digby!)


On Saturday Morning (being the keen parkrunners that we are) me and Tim got up and went in search of Brundalls Parkrun, our first outing as Parkrun tourists. We actually found it quite easily and it was really cool doing a different course. Plus being good and still going out for a run whilst away meant we could be more indulgent when necessary over the weekend haha.

We really enjoyed the run and although it was a bit worrying not knowing the course it turned out to be pretty straight forward, A 4 lap course, we just had to remember which lap we were on!

We headed back to freshen up and have some brekky.

We spent the rest of the day watching films and playing board games. perfect weekend entertainment, especially the board games as they were vintage ones from my aunties loft (They don’t make board games like they used to these days) We found some real gems.

We went out for a meal in the evening to a local Indian restaurant that we frequent on our trips to see my Auntie, it’s lovely there and the food is really tasty.

We enjoyed poppodoms & sauces to start and for the main I chose the tandoori chicken with boiled rice, yummy.

On Sunday we all indulged in a much deserved lie in followed by a chilled out day of watching tv, chatting, having copious amounts of tea, an amazing roast dinner cooked by my cousin and playing a fun word based card game called Wordsmithery.

It’s always such a shame when a lovely long weekend ends! Back to the reality of a working week. Thank goodness it’s a short one, roll on the Easter Hols I say, I’m defiantly feeling it now ZZZzzzzz.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

My top 5 ways to relax!

Here are my 5 simple steps to having a relaxing evening.

I know this is personal preference but its just my favourite way to unwind and relax after a busy week and I thought that I would share it with you guys.


Step 1:

Treat yourself!

After work on Friday I walked into town and treated myself by getting my nails done. I have only had them professionally done a handful of times and its been ages, So I thought why not!

I went to a little salon where we got our nails done ready for my sisters wedding in 2015. I really wanted an Autumnal colour as I am loving those shades at the moment.

Here’s what I went for …

IMG_20171110_191147_033A full set of acrylics in this lovely dark browny, bronzy colour.

Step 2:

Pamper yourself!

As soon as I got home I ran myself a nice hot bath. I love baths and find them super relaxing. I picked out my favourite LUSH products to add to my bath because the only thing better than a regular bath is a LUSH bath!!

One of my favourite LUSH products is the ‘Comforter’ bubble bar. I also used the Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin shower gel, from their Autumn range, which I am loving at the mo! The bubble bar creates super bubbles and the smell of the shower gel is DI-VINE.

Step 3:

Get cosy!

I popped on some cosy, festive (I know its early, apologies but at least it is November!!) PJS and grabbed a cosy throw and snuggled down on the sofa.

…and don’t forget the cosy socks.

Step 4:


Its really important to take the time to do things that you love but usually don’t have time for, read a book, catch up on your fav shows, do a puzzle, write, anything.

IMG_20171111_145241_516.jpgI opted for my current book because reading is by far one of my favourite hobbies. I also had the remote in order to catch up with a couple of the soaps that I watch.

Step 5:


Because come on, no relaxing and cosy blog post of mine is complete without it (in fact I can think of many times that are incomplete without it haha)

I made myself some indulgent loaded fries for dinner and a nice cold drink too. Time to tuck in!


I felt so much better taking some time to myself and relaxing after a busy week.

Enjoy your weekend whatever you are doing.

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂


Happy body, happy mind! 🛀🙏😌

Hi! I’m back, it’s been too long (Over a week!!) I feel like I’ve had no time at the moment so I took this evening out to have a bit of ‘me time’ and to actually write a blog post. 

It’s really important to take time out to relax especially if you feel like things are getting on top of you. Do things that you enjoy but havn’t been able to do, preferably something stress free and relaxing. Life can be busy and chaotic and we often put ourselves last, I think we are all guilty of this from time to time.

So what do I like to do to chill out? I love a good pamper. I’ve really got into bath/skin/body products recently and I just love an opportunity to soak and freshen up. 

I started by running myself a lovely hot bath and getting out my products.

For my bath: 

  • Lush ‘Flamingo’ bubble bar
  • Lush ‘Butterbear’ bath bomb
  • Radox ‘Feel pampered’ bath soak with shea butter and ginger

When I’m in the bath I like to pamper myself further with some lovely skincare…


  • Witch ‘Naturally clear bursting beads’ face wash
  • Vasanti ‘Brighten up!’ Enzymatic face rejuvinator
  • Superdrugs fruity ‘Orange and satsuma’ shower gel
  • Zoella ‘Pretty polished’ sugar scrub 
  • Nspa beauty rituals ‘Radiance boosting’ face mask 
  • Zoella ‘Creamy madly dreamy’ body lotion

After I’d scrubbed with my sugar scrub (this feels lovely rubbed into dry skin and then rinsed off) washed myself & washed my face I then applied my face mask and left this on for 15 minutes. 

I love to wash my hair when I am having a bath too for a completely clean and fresh feeling. Some of my favourite shampoos and conditioners are…

Shampoos and conditioners 

  • Superdrug Anti dandruff ‘Classic care’ shampoo
  • Aussie ‘Miracle moist’ shampoo
  • Argan oil ‘hydrating’ hair mask
  • Kebelo ‘Clarifying’ shampoo (for use once or twice a month, a nice treat!)

Going back to the products in the picture above, I love the Witch face wash and spot products and they have always worked for me going back to my mid teens. I’ve had a few breakouts recently which is why I re purchased the face wash and spot stick, I would 100% recommend their products. 

(Fingers crossed the face mask doesn’t make me break out even more!!)

Once I had washed off the mask I used my Vasanti face rejuvinator. When I’m out of the bath I always apply moisturiser to my face and today I even used my Zoella body lotion. I love the scent of her Creamy madly dreamy body lotion as it is from her original collection, my fave!

Just to mention, I also love candles and wax melts to help me relax so I popped one of my Crumble magic wax melts into my burner. Today I went for Raspberry lemonade that smells so fruity, fizzy and delicious. 

One final pamper product that I used was to give my feet a treat!  I used my foot pedi to get rid of any dry skin, then I used the foot scrub and finally I applied the foot lotion, ahhh.

Ps. A snack and a refreshing drink is always a winner too…

Last but not least, I hadn’t done my gel nails for a while so I thought this would be the perfect way to finish off my pamper evening, especially when I can do it sitting in front of the TV in my pjs! Perfection 👌

I am loving my Sensationail gel nail kit so much and I went for the raspberry/burgundy shade that came in the set, it’s called ‘Miss behave’.

Happy body, happy mind. 

For more blog posts like this go to…

Skincare routine A relaxing bath 

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

Relaxing at Christmas! 🛀

We all know how hectic and crazy the preparation for Christmas can be and although I sort of love the craziness it can be a bit overwhelming at times too. I had a list the length of my arm and very few days to get it all done and it was really stressing me out, and at Christmas that’s the worst! So what do you do in that situation? Take yourself away from the stress and give yourself time to relax and enjoy the holidays, then you’ll be ready to face the Christmas tasks ahead. And once your more relaxed those tasks are alot easier to face and aren’t usually as bad as they seem, I mean what could be more christmassy than wrapping & sorting out presents.

Here’s how I wound down, chilled out and relaxed ready for the day ahead…

First up, I ran a lovely bath! 🛀 I love baths so much and I had one Christmas Lush Bath bomb left to use so why not?!

The bath bomb that I had left was my Father christmas one…

I popped this into my bath and it smelt so good.

I didn’t realise he was green inside!! 

I had a moisture bomb face mask left so I thought I would pop this on too! 

If you havnt tried these I definatly would!! They leave your skin feeling so soft. If you want to know more about it my sister wrote about them on her blog, you can check that out here.

Lookin’ good ✌😁

I still hadn’t burnt my Yankee candle wax melt in the scent ‘Christmas cookie’ so I thought, why not do that now too. It smells SO Christmassy & sweet.
And you can’t have a relaxing bath without candles.

& lastly (Once I’d taken the face mask off, of course!!) I grabbed my book to read whilst I soaked…

I decided to start reading one of the Harry Potter books (yes, again) and I went for the 6th book ‘The half blood prince’. I love the later books as you learn so much about the story and they tie up lots of loose ends. This is one of my favourites. 

So that’s how I relaxed and I felt much better and ready to tackle all those Christmas jobs once I’d had some me time 👍

How do you relax? Any bath product recommendations? 

Ho Ho Ho 

Roseanne 🎅

Stocking fillers: Blogmas day 6

The Christmas stocking is one of my favourite traditions! I’ve had one since I was a child and I will continue to do so because it’s christmassy & a great way to start off Christmas day!

So I started off by making a list of a few different things that would make great stocking fillers and then I have grouped them into stockings for £5 all the way up to £30. 

These are mainly aimed at women but I will include some male orientated stocking fillers at the bottom to help you out. Men are definatly harder to cater for when it comes to stockings. I’ll pop the prices & shops I have seen these in or a suggestion of where you can get something similar.

I have tried to make sure that the stockings have a bit of variety in them as that’s always fun, here goes…

A £5 Stocking This was really tricky but for as few little treats I’ve included: 

  • A Chocolate Santa or coins depending on their preference £1 (Supermarkets or poundshops)
  • Revolution blusher £1(Superdrug)
  • Flutter bath fizzer £1 (Superdrug)
  • Novelty socks £2.00 (Tesco) 

Total: £5.00

Another £5 Stocking.

  • Lush ‘Floating island’ bath oil bar £2.00
  • Chocolate £1
  • Revolution eyeshadow £1 (Superdrug)
  • Flutter make up sponge £1 or Flutter cute nail file set, pack of 3 £1 (Superdrug)

Total: £5.00

A £10 stocking.

  • The body shop ‘Shea treats’ set which includes a shower creme, body whip & beige bath lily £5
  • Chocolate coins or Santa £1
  • Mua lipstick £1 (Superdrug)
  • Revolution Blusher £1 (Superdrug)
  • Christmas socks  £2.00 (Tesco)

Total: £10.00

 Another £10 stocking.

  • Dove ‘Ever blossom’ bath & shower duo set, this comes with two of their bath & shower cremes & a bath puff £2.50 (Superdrug)
  • Chocolate Santa £1
  • Book £3.99 (Amazon) They currently have loads of bestselling books for only £3.99, get them quick.
  • Christmas socks £2.00 (Tesco)

Total: £9.49

A £15 stocking.

  • Lindor truffles 50g box £1 (Superdrug) or any chocolate.
  • ‘Stocking filler: 12 Christmas short stories £4.99 (paperback, Amazon) 
  • Maybelline Merry kissmas gift set £3.75 (Tesco)
  • Sanctuary ‘get cosy’ candle set £4.50 (Boots)
  • Flutter bath fizzer £1 (Superdrug)

Total: £15.25

Slightly over in this one but not much!

Another £15 stocking.

  • Lush ‘Comforter’ bubble bar £4.95
  • Tanya Burr ‘Mrs Claus’ Nail set £4 (Superdrug) 
  • Chocolate £1
  • Toucan coin purse £4.50 (paperchase) 

Total: £14.45

A £20 stocking.

  • The body shop beauty bag. This comes in different scents, shea, strawberry, citrus etc and includes a shower gel, hand cream & body butter in a cute little bag. All travel size. £10
  • Chocolate £1
  • A book £3.99 (Amazon) 
  • Tanya Burr ‘It’s kissmass’ lip gloss duo £5 (Superdrug)

Total: £19.99

Another £20 stocking.

  • Toucan coin purse £4.50 (paperchase)
  • Revolution redemption eyeshadow palette, different styles available £4 (Superdrug)
  • Chocolate £1 
  • Soap & Glory ‘Take your pink’ gift set which includes a shower puff, hand cream, body scrub & shower creme. £10 (Boots) 

Total: £19.50

£30 stocking.

  • No 7 ‘glamorous eyes’ palette £10 (Boots) 
  • Deboss notebook, this comes in lots of gorgeous designs £10 (paperchase) 
  • Lindor truffles 50g box £1 (Tesco)
  • Zoella Hungry hands ‘ginger cream’ hand cream £5 (Superdrug)
  • Lush ‘Dragon egg’ bath bomb £3.75

    Total: £29.75

        Another £30 stocking.

        • Ghost bauble, these come in different scents with a mini version of a Ghost perfume & another miniature too £8 (Boots) 
        • Real techniques ‘Core collection’ make up brush set £12.50 (Amazon)
        • Chocolate £1
        • Sanctuary ‘Get cosy’ candle set £4.50 (Boots)
        • Revolution blusher & eyeshadow £1 (Superdrug)
        • Lush Bath oil bar £2

          Total: £30

              Obviously you can mix and match, but these are just a few ideas for you that I’ve put together! 

              Some ideas for mens stockings are:

              • (Book) ‘Stocking fillers: 12 short christmas stories’ £4.99 (Amazon)
              • (Books) Some bestselling novels are £3.99 on Amazon  
              • Novelty socks (Primark, Tesco)
              • (Game) ’50 things to do once in a lifetime’ This is a dinner party game where you see how many you’ve done/suggest your own £6.20 (Amazon)
              • Chocolate coins/ Santa’s depending on their preference or any chocolate
              • No7 daily duo wash set, this includes a body & hair wash and a face wash £10 (Boots)
              • Lynx wash bag set, this includes two Lynx shower gel & a deodrant £10 (Boots/Superdrug)
              • Gillette flexiball set, this includes the flexiball razor & hydrating hydra gel £10 (Superdrug/Boots)
              • Aftershave; eg David Beckham, Ted Baker etc £10 (Superdrug/Boots)

              Websites: Boots Amazon Paperchase The body shop Superdrug

              I hope this has given you lots of ideas to fill up those stockings!!

              Before I go, day six of my beauty advent calender…

              A face make up brush. This is again a cute small size. 

              Ho Ho Ho 

              Roseanne 🎅

              A relaxing bath 🛀🎃

              I love a bath! So I thought I would do a little blog post about my bath today & how I like it.

              I like to run a nice hot bath first and then choose a scent for my burner & a bath bomb.

              I went for my ‘Aromatherapy’ scent for my burner as it smells just like a spa, soooo relaxing 🕯

              I thought it would be good to use my Halloween, autumnal Lush bath bomb. I mentioned this in my ‘Lush Haul’ blog post, so don’t forget to check that! 

              This bomb is called ‘Oh My! Pie!’ And was £3.95 🍂🍊🍁🎃

              It smells SO lovely. It has hints of pumpkin & cinnamon although this is quite subtle. The main scent is sweet vanilla, so good! 

              Here it goes …

              When it fizzes it looks really cool as the face of the pumpkin is really prominent, it’s a bit spooky 🎃

              This doesn’t create as much bubbles as the bath bars but leaves a lovely vibrant orange colour to the water and it smells great.

              (Excuse my bathroom floor & the paint brush that you can see in this picture, we are currently doing some home decor)

              I love how seasonal this is and I will definatly be looking out for more of Lush’s seasonal products from now on, roll on Christmas!  

              Any bath isn’t complete without a good book to read as you relax and soak. I am currently reading ‘Sleepless in Manhattan’ By Sarah Morgan. 

              It’s such an easy read and I was pleased to find out that there are more books that follow the same characters in a sort of series.

              I love the New York setting too, it’s really cool. 🗽🌇🌉

              Here’s the blurb just to give you a little insight…

              ‘Cool, calm and competent, events planner Paige Walker loves a challenge. But when she loses the job she loves, Paige must face her biggest challenge of all – going it alone. 

              Except launching her own events company is nothing compared to hiding her crush on Jake Romano – her brother best friend, one of New Yorkshire most eligible bachelors… and the only man who’s ever broken her heart.

              When Jane offers Paige’s fledgling company a big chance, the ever present chemistry between them starts giving her Sleepless nights. But could Paige be the girl to make the man who trusts no-one take a chance on forever! 

              There’s no better way to start the day 👌

              Until next time,

              Roseanne 🙂

              Lush Haul 🛀

              I’ve been waiting until I’ve had a chance to have a nice long bath before doing this blog post so that I could show you the bath bombs in action. 

              So here goes! 

              First up, the Dragon egg bath bomb.

              Feel ready to soar’      £3.75

              This is the one that I used in my bath this morning, it’s really cool. 

              On the outside it is white but once it goes into the water it fizzes and the centre of the Dragons egg is revealed…

              This bath bomb contains lemon, jasmine and it has popping candy in too! (Don’t eat it thought 😛)

              Next up is my favourite Lush bath bomb, The Comforter. ‘Berry yourself under a fruity blanket’      £4.95

              I’ve mentioned this one before because I love it! I always pick this one up when I’m in Lush, it comes from their bubble bar slice range. It’s so lovely, berry yourself in the fruity aromas 🍓🍒🍎🍋🍑

              I also went for the Honey Bee. Take the sting out’      £3.50 

              This contains honey, sweet wild orange and aloe Vera. This one is quite sweet & summery.

              This is the Rose Jam Bubbleroon. For a rosier mood and softer skin’       £3.95     

              It’s a Pink-tastic, glittery macaroon shaped bomb with a rose design on top.

              It’s so pretty. This one contains Rose oil, coconut oil, shea butter & lemon oil.

              I also picked up a seasonal bath bomb…


              This Pumpkin one is so cute and smells divine!  ‘Oh my! Pie!’     £3.95

              I was drawn to it when I saw it as I’m loving autumnal things at the moment but when I saw it had cinnamon in it I wasn’t sure. Cinnamon is a scent I’m not really into at all but once I smelt it I changed my mind.

              It’s scent is pumpkin (of course!) Sweet vanilla & cinnamon (as mentioned) I think the cinnamon is very subtle and the main smell is the sweet vanilla which I love. 

              And finally…

              I picked up their Ocean salt face and body scrub. Scrub and soften’  I got the 120ml pot which retails at £8.50. 

              I also used this in my bath this morning. It makes your skin feel so soft & fresh.

              The scrub has lashings of fine sea salt to scrub and clean, organic limes to brighten and avocado butter to soften the skin.

              I love this and would definatly recommend this alongside their bath bombs for a proper pamper!

              Let me know what your favorite Lush products are or any that you would recommend 👍

              Until next time,

              Roseanne 🙂