Primark haul 

As promised here’s another Primark haul! Me and my sister went to the Primark on Oxford Street when we were in London recently and although we only had 15 minutes max we managed to grab an impressive amount between us!! 

Im not sure it’s necessarily something to be proud of but I got some nice bits so I’m happy none the less haha #selfconfessedprimarkaddict

So let’s have a look at what I picked up!

Swimsuit £4

I love this swimsuit, it’s a lovely mint green colour with cute little pink flamingos all over it, adorable. I don’t need a new swimsuit but I am loving the tropical inspired prints of this season and for £4 you can’t go wrong!!

Plain black pumps £4

Although not overly exciting, I picked up two pairs of these plain black pumps for work. They are super comfy and again only £4 each.

Black Van style shoes £6

I was so tempted to ask for a pair of Vans for my birthday but I changed my mind at the last minute (hella expensive!!) and I’m glad I did! 

I saw these in Primark literally the next day for £6 and you cannot tell the difference, in fact other than the enormous price difference the only thing they don’t have is a red vans tag on them. 

Black pumps with gold detail £8

 These were also bought for work and are a bit prettier than the others, however the size 6 in these doesn’t fit me even though the other black pumps are a 6, sadface.     So I will be having to return these, it’s such a shame as I love the gold detailing and tassels.

Dusky pink slip on mules £8
How pretty are these mules?! 🏵😍 my sister was on the hunt for these in the Oxford street Primark and when I saw them I had to grab a pair too!! They are a faux velvet material with a pretty pink bow on the front. They are super comfy as they are slip one and the colour is one of my favourites, plus only £8!! 

Embroidered shirt £12

I am IN LOVE with this shirt. It’s beautiful. I love the trend of embroidery for casual clothes or on something more dressy so I instantly fell in love with this shirt when I saw it, Spring/Summer perfect 👌 It’s a longer shirt which I like and the slight splits up either side make it really flattering with skinny black trousers for work or skinny jeans for a more causal look.

Les rose’ t shirt £6

This is a lovely causal tee with pretty rose gold/copper writing on the front, love it! The material is soooo soft too.

Dip dye t shirt £5 

Coral is such a pretty summer colour so this really stood out to me when I was looking in the t shirt section. It’s an ombre effect from the coral to white and is slightly longer than a usual tee. I can’t wait to pair this with skinny jeans, 3/4 lengths or maybe even shorts (dare to dream!!) 

Stripey t shirt with embroidered rose £6

Yep, your seeing right! Another stripey tee 🙈 But a girl can never have too many (Am I right!!) This one is a bit longer than a cropped tee but it is still quite short, it would work as a cropped top or if you’re like me and couldn’t think of anything worse grab those high waisted jeans/shorts/trousers and rock it with those instead.  I love the embroidered rose on it too 🥀

Polka dot Sheer fashion socks £2

Tanya Burr recently wore some Vans with little socks like these and I loved the look so I grabbed these two pairs for £2. These have got cute polka dots on them.

Fishnet tights £3

These may seem an odd purchase but allow me to explain. As I said with my previous picture I took inspiration from a look Tanya Burr recently wore, but I couldn’t find the fishnet fashion socks in any of the Primarks I went in (even Oxford street!!) So, the next best thing was the tights because I figured under ripped jeans these would still be pretty cool as you can see the tights through the rips too.

Not everyones cup of tea i know but I  really liked this look.

So, those were my purchases! I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what bits you’ve picked up in good old Primark recently too 👍

Until next time, 

Roseanne 🙂


Clothes Haul 

I recently had a bit of a shopping spree, online & in store and I thought I would share my purchases with you.

The H&M items were bought online (thankfully they all fitted!) The Primark & Asda items were bought in store.

 I used to wish that Primark did online shopping as we never got the full range in our Primark, however since our store has expanded we always have such awesome stuff, very dangerous 🙈

I’ll start with Primark 🎒

Reptile patch purse £5

I love the autumnal colours of burgundy, green & beige on this purse. 

Oatmeal ribbed jumper £12 

I bought this in a size bigger so that it was oversized.

Cosy Harry Potter socks with ‘Muggle’ written on them.

And the item that made my day.. 

Harry Potter onesie £10

My dream onesie!!☇ I’ve been wanting a new one ready for the cold weather & winter nights. 

H & M

Light grey penguin motif jumper £14.99

This jumper is so cute, the penguins are holding flippers 💗

Heart patterned blouse £12.99

Ive been looking for a heart blouse for ages & this is so cute ♡

Dusty pink blouse £12.99

This blouse is a really soft, sheer material.

Pink, sparkly textured knit jumper £17.99

I didn’t actually realise this was sparkly before I bought it as it didn’t really say anywhere on the description, however I actually really like the sparkliness (not sure that’s a word!) I bought it in a medium so that it was oversized.

Long sleeved stripe jersey top £12.99

I love navy & white striped tops and this is a slightly thicker than normal top that is really comfy.

Short coat in bottle green £17.99

This is really nice as a light jacket or smart coat for work. I love the colour, very this season & one of my fave colours. This was originally £29.99 so I saved £12! I’d say go grab one quickly but its gone back up to full price now already.

small shoulder bag £7.99

This bag is so cute, perfect if you just want a little bag to take out and I love the badge detailing on the front.


Black bobble hat & gloves.

There are the only hats I wear and are great for staying cosy & wrapped up in winter. These gloves are perfect as they can either be fingerless or mittens, this is great for me for work 👍

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post! 

What clothes are you loving atm?

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

Primark haul 

I can’t believe I haven’t done one of these yet, anyone who knows me knows that I ❤️ a bit of Primark, so I thought I’d do a post on my recent purchase. 

Here goes, first up Shoes! 👟

These are so cool! Harry Potter and Converse, two of my favourite things ⚡️⚡️

I live in Converse and the burgundy colour is great too. Super comfy.

These were £8.

These slip on pumps are great as they work for casual use and are also super comfy for work too. They come in lots of different colours, I grabbed them in the light grey, dark grey & greymarl, which is grey with darks specks in it. 

These are £4.

Next up, pyjamas! 👚

I love Primarks range of Harry Potter pyjamas. They are sold separately but some of the tops and bottoms match. These two match and the bottoms are super comfy and cuffed F the bottom. The top is cool and in the style of an American style baseball top with the slogan ‘Don’t let the muggles get you down.’

The bottoms were £8 and the top was £7.

I also got the vest top with the Marauders map design on it. This one is £4.50.


This top is so cute and awesome. I of course 💖 pizza and this top is really cool and comfy. It was only £3 reduced from £6, bargain.

I also got a few other random bits…

I love this super cute material shopping bag ‘Happiccino-A happy cappuccino.’ 🙂

So cute☕️ £1.50

And finally, 

Since I wear lots of slip on trainers & low top Converse these are great as they stop the slipping. They are really comfy too. 

These are £2.50 for a pack of two.

So those are my purchases! I hope you enjoyed viewing my bargains  👛
Until next time, 

Roseanne 🙂