Blogmas Day 25: Christmas eve boxes🎁 that’s a wrap!


Yesterday we had fun enjoying some festive frivolity with my sisters, niece & nephews and then out with friends for lunch.

In the evening, once we had seen the Christmas lights, we cracked open the Christmas eve boxes for the boys.

For the adults we all had new pjs, I had friends ones, Tim had dinosaur ones and Sarah & Dan had Grinch ones.

I put together a Christmas eve box for my nephews Noah & Casey as well as my niece Evie-Mae.

They seemed to really enjoy it.

They all especially liked the little light up, spinning toys.

So, what did I put into the boxes?

The boxes varied slightly as Noah & Casey are a bit older than Evie.

Noah & Casey

○Chocolate coins

○A Chocolate lolly each

○Reindeer food

○A light up, spinning toy

○A little Christmas book

○A Christmas puzzle

○New, Cosy Pjs


○Chocolate coins

○A Little Christmas book

○A light up, spinning toy

○A little Christmas book

○New, Cosy Pjs

Look at them in their matching Harry Potter Pjs 😍

They all seemed to enjoy their boxes and it’s a fun, cute little tradition to add some more magic to Christmas eve.

I love seeing their excited little faves.

I hope you have enjoyed my Blogmas posts this year, I love doing it, it always makes me feel so festive and I love sharing my love of Christmas.

I hope you all have the very best Christmas & a Happy New year.

See you in 2019!!

Roseanne 🙂

Blogmas Day 20: Christmas Hampers.

I love getting a bit creative at Christmas and adding that personal touch to my gifts.

Hampers are a great way of doing that.

You can select things that are super festive as well as things that you know someone will love, thereby adding your personal touch.

My festive faves to add to a hamper are:

•Mince Pies •Chocolate •Savoury bits

•Stollen •Nuts •Biscuits •Sweets

To add a personal touch I like to add:

•Their favourite chocolate •Vouchers

•Bath bombs •Shower gel •Books

If you are making a family hamper I like to add:

•Chocolate Santa’s •Chocolate coins

•Mini games •Card games •Puzzles

•Their fave toy •Craft packs •Sweets

Food is one of the best parts of Christmas and making someone something they can enjoy and share is great if they are harder to buy for or if it is a shared, family present.

This is also a great present for older relatives such as grandparents, aunties & uncles etc.

You can pick up hampers from loads of shops:

•The Range •B&M •Home bargains •The Works •TK Maxx

They come with the shredded paper in the bottom, cellophane and a ribbon which adds that finishing touch to your hamper.

I always put my hamper into the cellophane diagonally, in the centre and then gather up the edges of the cellophane above the basket and tie with the ribbon. You can then neaten it out and rearrange the cellophane as necessary.

Getting the cellophane part right can take a few goes, YouTube videos are great if you havn’t done it before.

Happy Hampering!

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

Blogmas Day 17: Finishing my Christmas shopping 🛍

Hi guys!

I can’t believe it’s now less than 10 days until Christmas day!!

I love the build up to Christmas and I feel like it is going so quickly this year.

I’ve used the weekend just gone to get the last of my Christmas shopping done

I havn’t had time for a late night shopping trip this year, which is a shame, so I thought I would head into town on Saturday and finish up.

Armed with my list and some determination to finally get it done I managed to power through and grab all the last little bits that I needed.

It was quite a chilly day which did make it feel quite festive and with the Christmas lights on and the Christmas market in full swing it was quite lovely.

So festive 🎄❄

Before I headed to the football with my dad I had enough time to stop at a coffee shop for a nice, warming caramel latte and a little read of my new Christmas book.

(The Christmas stocking & other stories by Katie Fforde)

I felt very Christmassy after this. All we need to do now is get the last foodie bits for a few hampers I am putting together and of course Christmas party/snacky bits. We are going to grab these when we do our food shop.

How is your Christmas shopping going?

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

Blogmas Day 13: The Shoebox appeal with Noah.

This year, as Noah is now 4 and old enough to get involved, I thought it would be nice to create our own shoebox present for the Shoebox appeal (Link above to the website if you’d like more info)

The appeal consists of sending your own christmas present to a child in need, in a different country.

You wrap up a shoebox, choose a gender/age range and fill the box up with age appropriate toiletries, toys, games, accessories, arts and crafts, writing tools and so on, and send it off to the appeal to be delivered to a child in need.

Noah really enjoyed picking out the items to go in the box for ‘the little boy’. He wanted to give it to a little boy who is the same age as him (4 years old).


We went into town and into Wilkinson’s (Wilko), to see what we could find to fill our box. Wilko has a variety of departments so I thought this would be a good place to go to get lots of different things for the box.

Wilkos is brilliant and their stuff is so reasonably priced that it is perfect for a project like this.

So, here’s what we chose together.



Kids Tooth brushKids Tooth paste Shark sponge Paw Patrol bath & shower gel


Mini RoadstersTrain Bubbles

Arts and crafts

Stickers Colouring pencils Chunky Crayons Plain sketch bookPencil case stationary set including pencils, rubbers etc Two different sized note books Paint set with brush Superhero stickers Pirate colouring/activity book.

Once we had got everything that we wanted we headed home. Sarah wrapped up the box for us and then we filled it up with the goodies we had bought.

Its lovely to think that a child will receive the items you chose, and that they will get something fun but also useful. We are very lucky to be in the position that we are in so its nice to give something back.

There will also be a video up on mine and my twin sisters youtube channel ‘Roseanne & Sarah’

Our shoebox for the appeal

So take a look at that too if you like 🙂

Its a lovely Christmassy idea that gives something back.

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

Blogmas Day Six: My Stocking gift guide 🎁

There are five essentials, in my opinion in order to create the best filled stocking. Each one working well with the others, resulting in a perfectly balanced Christmas stocking of dreams.

Obviously, this is just my opinion but the Christmas stocking is one of my favourite traditions at this time of year and one of my favourite things to shop for.

I will include a few options of items that I found for each category to help you out if you are a bit stuck.

1. Something cosy

Christmas is all about being cosy so this us very important. I always think cosy socks are a winner, those lovely fluffy ones are perfect. If not socks then maybe some gloves or a new wooly hat or scarf or a Christmas T-shirt to wear on Christmas day.

2. Something tasty

I usually opt for chocolate as you can’t go wrong really. Although of course you can taylor this to the person who it is for, picking up their favourite sweet or savoury treat. Chocolate coins or a chocolate santa are also a nice festive options

I love to receive a Terry’s chocolate orange in my stocking.

Some options…

  • Chocolate orange
  • Brussels sprouts shaped chocs
  • Chocolate coins
  • A Chocolate Santa
  • Chocolate reindeer
  • Their favourite sweets

3. Something to do

This could be anything but I think it derives from my childhood of having toys in my stocking haha. We always had something to occupy us until mum and dad got up. This could be a little game, maybe a puzzle, a dvd to watch, a book.

4. Something to pamper them with

This could be a nice shower gel, maybe a festive scented one? Maybe one they wouldn’t buy everyday. If they are a bath bombs fan like me you could include one of those or something simple like a face or hair mask.

5. Something fun

I think it’s always nice to have something silly in your stocking. This is dependant on the person of course but it just adds an element of fun. Last year I got my husband beard lights because he has grown his beard. They were a laugh and just a bit of fun.

I hope you find this handy and enjoy getting your Santa on when creating your stockings. Just have fun with it, you really don’t need to spend alot to make a great stocking

Happy Shopping

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

Part 2: What I got for my Birthday 🎁

So here’s part two! What I got for my birthday. This isn’t a braggy post, I just love seeing what people get for their birthday (nosey I know 🤪) but its a good insight into their interests and personality. I also thought it would be a nice way to show my appreciation for all the lovely gifts that I received this year.

So settle down with a cuppa and let’s take a look.

I’ve categorised this post in order to make it an easier read, enjoy!


One of my faves ♡ from my little niece Evie-Mae. This make up bag is so cute!! I love it, and it’s a great size too.

I also got a few make up items. The Tanya Burr ‘Glow Du Cocoa’ palette with a bronzer, super shimmery highlighter and a lip gloss that adds a lovely goldy glow to your lips. This palette is going to be perfect for summer and when I’m on holiday.

I also got two highlighter palettes from my sister Sarah. These are so pretty 😍

The Revolution Pro HD palette, the highlighter palette of dreams.. So pretty. I also got another trio of baked highlighter, also by Revolution.

Sarah also got me some of the Primark nails which are really cool.

I was also given some of Barry Ms new Holographic nail varnishes in their Metals range. I’ve been trying to get hold of these for a while. Definatly check those out.

Skincare/bath/shower stuff

I LOVE bath stuff, bath bombs, yummy smelling shower gels & soaps so I was super pleased with these gifts!

I love the Wilko ‘Fruity’ shower gels, the scents are amazing.

The Lush set that I got was awesome as I havn’t tried any of the items in it before and I love trying lots of new Lush stuff, shower gels & soaps, exciting.

I also got a couple of the Marshmallow bath oils which smell incredible. One of my new faves and your skin feels so soft afterwards.

My husband Tim also got me something I have wanted for AGES!! A bath caddy tray, and it is as epic as I’d imagined. It fits perfectly across the bath, holds my iPad & or phone up safely, has a cup/glass holder and an area just to put your magazine, chocolate etc. Perfect for any bath lover.


I also got a few of my favourite Ciders, which are perfect in the summer when it’s lovely and hot outside 👌🏻

I also got some of my favourite chocolate, the ultimate, a Terrys chocolate orange (that didn’t make it past my birthday) a bag of the segments, crispy m&ms and more! YUM.


I love my ((Bounce)) fitness classes and I finally got a couple of pairs of their leggings. Aren’t they awesome?! So pretty. Love a pair of jazzy leggings.

Harry potter inspired chokers!! Need I say anymore!! Epic.

This purse is so awesome. It’s in the style of the Hogwarts acceptance letter, with the hand written font on one side and the Hogwarts crest & seal on the back, just like the envelopes. SO cool and perfect, if like me, you have loads of loyalty cards as it’s got loads of space inside.

Primark are killin’ it with the Harry Potter merch atm and you can never have too many socks, a birthday staple.


Reading is my single most favourite hobby. I got a couple of novels for my birthday that I had found on Amazon and that sounded really good.

I love Ruth Jones so I was really exited to get her first published novel, it’s called ‘Never Greener’. I also got a novel called ‘The Child’, it sounds so gripping so I can’t wait to get my teeth into that.

My sister also got me the ‘A list a day’ notebook from Paperchase and it is right up my street. I love a list. Any stationary lovers out there, you need this. Such fun!


Carrying on with the Ruth Jones theme, I got the last series of her TV sitcom Stella, which I love. I havn’t seen this series & Christmas special so I can’t wait to watch the next instalment in this brilliant series (I can’t believe it’s the end 😭)

I also got ‘The Greatest Showman’. This requires no explanation. A-MAZ-ING. If you havnt seen it, 1. Where have you been? & 2. GO NOW AND WATCH IT.


I was very fortunate to get some lovely vouchers too. Primark, my most fave shop, EVER.

Superdrug, which is perfect as I love buying my nail varnish and make up from there.

& New look, they always have such pretty clothes too.

This calls for one thing.. A SHOPPING SPREE.

& finally,


I got this gorgeous keyring from my two nephew’s, I mean, how super cute is it!?! Love it.

I also got this epic Harry Potter colour changing glass. Perfect topped up with one of those ice cold ciders at a BBQ this summer. Keepin’ my fingers crossed for sun.

My lovely husband Tim also got me the epic present of an Italian themed cooking class. I love cooking and if you’ve followed me on here for a while you’ll know that we LOVE Italy & Italian food so that is going to be so epic (& tasty) I can’t wait.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I’ve been very lucky this year and am super pleased with all my lovely gifts ◇

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

What I got for Christmas 2017! 🎁

Hi guys!

Let me start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR! ITS OFFICIALLY 2018, CRAZY!

I hope that you guys had a great Christmas. I love watching and reading what people got for Christmas so I thought that I should share with you what I received.

This isn’t meant to be me bragging about what I got, I just thought that it would be fun to do!

So, lets take a look…




Jamie Oliver’s 5 ingredients: Quick & Easy food.

This is a cook book with lots of super easy and yummy ideas. I love the idea that there are only five ingredients for each recipe, it really puts me off when there is a massive list of ingredients, ain’t nobody got time for that!

Fantastic beasts and where to find them, by J K Rowling.

I also received the illustrated version of J K Rowling’s Fantastic beasts and where to find them. The pictures are beautiful and this book works so well with pictures, perfect! ⚡️


Make up


I was very lucky this year with my make up haul. My lovely hubby bought me Tanya Burrs ‘Beauty and the feast’ make up box and it is AWESOME. It is full of great products from palettes for the eyes and face, highlighter, lipsticks and lipglosses. My  friend Demi works for Dior and gave me some cool samples to try out as well as a lovely pinky NYX lipstick. I also got another NYX lipstick this one is a liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Istanbul’.



Skincare/bath products



I was very lucky to also receive the Zoella pamper box set. You get a brilliant selection of products in there, perfect for a pamper. I love the Snowella scent, its really fresh. I especially like the scent in the hand cream.

In the box you get…

  • The Winter Wonderhand Hand cream
  • Body puff
  • Snow silky body lotion
  • Snow polished body polish
  • Snow smooth body butter
  • X2 Sachets of a ‘splash of milk’ bath milk powder

The box is really lovely too, perfect for storage once you’ve used the products.


The Body Shop shower gel. I really love these body shop shower gels, the seasonal scents are lovely. I really enjoyed the pumpkin and sweet vanilla scent in Autumn and in Winter they have released this one, Frosted berries. It smells so fruity and delicious.


LUSH is one of my favourite shops and I LOVE their bath bombs. This year I got a few different things from LUSH that I havn’t had before and a few that I have.

My sister got me my favourite LUSH product off all time, ‘The’ bubble bar. A super fruity scent that creates the most awesome bubbles

I also got the Butterbear bath bomb which is lovely and soft on your skin, with cocoa butter.

My hubby got me one of LUSH’S new body sprays, the one he got me is called ‘Twilight’ This is supposed to help you sleep and the predominant fragrance is Lavender, it smells so soothing and makes you feel relaxed and cosy. I spray this before bed and use alongside ‘Sleepy’ the body lotion.

In the colourful set above,  the ‘Intergalactic’ bath set, you get the ‘Thundersnow’ bath bomb, The ‘Shoot for the stars’ bath bomb and the ‘Intergalactic’ bath bomb. I can’t wait to try these out!




I also received some vouchers. A Primark Voucher, my favourite shop! I’m looking forward to spending that! Me and the hubby also got a Nando’s voucher, we cant wait to go on a date night and use that too, we love a cheeky Nando’s.


My father In law (knowing the avid Harry Potter fan that I am) got me two tickets to the Harry Potter book night at our local museum. Me and my sister tried to get tickets for this event last year but it sold out! We can’t wait to go, the place is decorated, everyone dresses up and you have activities, food, Harry Potter themed cocktails and so on. Its going to be so much fun!


Is it even Christmas if you don’t ett a Terry’s chocolate orange!?!? These are my ultimate fave, a Christmas must have and a great stocking filler too. Mine didn’t make it past Christmas day haha.

So those are just a few of the lovely pressies that I got for Christmas this year (or technically last year!! So confusing)

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I’m going to have to start a list of some blog posts I’d like to write in the coming weeks/months, it was so easy throughout December to create Christmassy and festive posts but now I really need to get thinking about my 2018 content, its so much harder without such a blatent theme.

Any suggestions would be greatly welcome guys!


Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

Getting into the festive spirit 🎄 Blogmas day 11

Hi guys!

It’s very easy to get caught up in the hussle and bussle of December, its a super busy month in the lead up to Christmas, but you need to make sure you enjoy Christmas yourself.

It will make the festive period so much more enjoyable if you take the time to get into the spirit.

These are just a few ways that I spend a day in, if I want to get into the festive spirit or am feeling particularly Christmassy and want to have a Christmassy day.

Lets take a look…

1. Watch a Christmas film/TV show

I love popping a Christmas film on, to sit and watch or to have on the background. I am quite fond of the  ‘made for TV’ Christmas films, I’ve been recording those to watch at the weekends. One of my fave Christmas films is Arthur Christmas, although I do have to watch the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special at least once!!

2.  Write out your Christmas cards

This not only gets you in to the Christmas mood but it also ticks a job off the list too which is great for taking away some of the seasonal stress. I LOVE our Christmas cards this year, I found them in Primark and they are Harry Potter Christmas cards.

Of course I had to buy them, they are so cool but the designs are really pretty too. They were £1 for a pack of 30 and I bought three packs.

3. Do some decorating

This is one of my most favourite Christmassy activities ever and it is guaranteed to make you feel so festive, I seriously challenge anyone to not feel super festive whilst putting up the decs.

If I’m feeling really Christmassy I end up buying more decorations or just going around the flat popping all the lights on and admiring the tree decorations haha.

4. Pop on a Christmas CD/play some Christmas tunesss

Because Christmas songs are life.

My ultimate fave is WHAM! Last Christmas, classic. We have a spotify playlist that is Christmas themed but we also have the ‘NOW! That’s what I call Christmas CD, unfortunatly this year I am yet to find it, sadface 😦

and finally…

5. Do some present wrapping

The ultimate Christmas activity, cosied up in front of a film, hot chocolate by your side and a festive array of wrapping paper, ribbon and bows and you are certainly in for a festive afternoon. I have found a couple of different sets of ribbons etc and have again gone for the traditional colour scheme of red, gold and green. I also have some pretty white and gold sets too.

The paper you see above is so cute and is covered in traditional Christmas toy soldiers, gingerbread men, snowmen and candy canes, adorable. I bought this one to wrap the children’s presents with.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with Ikea’s Christmas wrapping selection, this is where the bulk of mine is from (random I know!) but great and inexpensive too.

I will be doing another post later in Blogmas with some great ways to feel festive when you are out and about!


I hope this helps make you feel festive and ready to get your jolly on!

Ho, Ho, Ho!


Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂


Baby shower fun 💛  

So during May me and my twin sister Sarah hosted our big sisters baby shower! She is due mid July so we decided May would be the perfect time, especially with Half term then too.
We went for an afternoon tea theme with the colour scheme of yellow/grey/gold as they haven’t found out the baby s gender! This was really cool to plan as the only other baby showers I’ve organised are Sarah’s and they were both blue themed.

Here are the decorations…

Afternoon tea vibes ✌

We had loads of food from sweet fruit scones, jam Swiss roll, lemon cheesecake, chocolate cupcakes & Victoria sponge to savoury cheese straws  sandwiches, sausage rolls & a cheese ring! With plenty of tea and coffee.


So to keep the guests entertained we had a couple of games/activities and things for the guests to do.

Baby due date predictions.

Messages & advice.

Guess the baby. Whose old photo is whose?

Photo booth fun! 

Guess the size of the baby bump.

Opening presents.

Me, Sarah and Mum clubbed together to get Charlotte a few things that she still needed incl bottles, a steraliser & some bibs & baby grows.


We bought these super cute gift/favour bags to pip a little something in for each guest. We thought the floral vibe went well with the afternoon tea theme & would be right up Charlotte’s street. The colours were of courses perfect too. 

In the bags we had little bags of milk bottle sweets, retro 😎 and little wish bracelets. Sarah found these online and they are sooo cute.

* Make a Wish for baby *

‘Tie this bracelet on your wrist, close your eyes and make a Wish. When the bracelet breaks in two, the wish you made may soon come true.’

The bracelets are yellow with a little silver footprints charm. I love how you could personalise it too.

As a little memento for Charlotte we also made a sort of picture guest book (thanks Pinterest!) 

Everybody who came signed a balloon with their name and then I arranged it onto the pre drawn picture. Someone I work with is brilliant at drawing so I asked her to draw the elephant on, it looks fab. We thought this would be a lovely keepsake, perfect for the nursery.

It was a really fun (& tasty!) afternoon and everything went smoothly, which as a host is all you can ask for really! 

As I write this there are only 26 days (or 27 if my prediction is correct haha) until Baby S is due and I’ll be an Auntie for the 3rd time, EXCITING!!

Until next time, 

Roseanne 🙂

Work Secret Santa 🎅 Blogmas day 19 

This afternoon at work we did our secret santa present exchange! It was lovely to hang out together, do a Christmas quiz, have a laugh & nibbles. I love my present that I received, someone knows me well…

It’s a postcard book version of one of the Harry Potter colouring books. I love the adult colorings books and of course Harry Potter so this is perfect 👌 

These little postcards are so cute so I think I’m going to colour them in and use them as my thank you cards from Christmas. 

Here is one of the pages…

Today In my beauty advent calender…

Today was a lovely dark purple eyeshadow with a lovely shimmer in it. This would be perfect for the party season & to create a lovely smokey eye make up look. 

6 days until Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho 

Roseanne 🎅