Joining the gym πŸ‘Š

So, I’ve done it, I’ve joined the gym! It is pretty much opposite our flat, it takes less than 2 minutes to walk there so there’s no excuse really is there? (Keep telling yourself that Roseanne!) For just using that gym it’s only Β£19.99 which I didn’t think was too bad either considering this is usually my bug bear about gyms (they are seriously expensive right!?!) That and the fact I spend most of my time trying to work out how to turn the machine on to a suitable level & where I can plug my headphones in (gym essential no 1!)

So in  preparation for sed joining of the gym I decided to kit myself out. Well I may as well look the part!! Because let’s be honest I havnt got a clue what I’m doing once I’m in there.
So let’s take a look at my costume ( I mean gym gear πŸ˜†) 

Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored by Primark but 1. I BLOODY love it. You’ll know that if you’ve been round here before or met me in real life And 2. I’m going to sweat all over it, why spend a fortune?!

First up, tops! 

I picked two different tops, both made of that similar gym clothing material (which according to the label is ….. Polyester & elastene, theres a fun fact for ya! Stretchy stretchy!) 

I chose a pink top and a light grey one as I thought these were nice and would go nicely with the leggings I also picked up. These were Β£5 each.


I went for 3/4 length ones as I prefer these and I picked them up in light grey, love these.

They were Β£5.

I picked up another sports bra/crop top thing. I already have one from Primark from a little while ago, that I use for Parkrun, that looks like this ⬇

The new one I picked up is just a plain black one.

This was Β£3.50.

I also grabbed some socks! Does anyone else have somewhere in their house where their socks must go for a holiday because I buy so many and yet never have any to wear!! 

I picked these up especially for the gym so I will put these in a super safe place! (Like that’s going to make a difference Roseanne.) Worth a try.

They cost Β£2.50.

And finally, a lovely new water bottle (I have a serious water bottle/travel mug/lunchbox obsession. Is this what happens when you become an adult in a full time job?) It’s seriously getting out of hand BUT this ones lovely and hardly breaks the bank at Β£2.50 So let the obsession continue. 

So, those are my gym bits and bob’s.

On a serious note, I need to change my mindset really because I can’t just think I can eat crap and get away with it because I’ve done a class or been for a run, I need to make exercise a part of a more balanced lifestyle. Wish me luck 🀞

Until next time, 

Roseanne πŸ™‚