Auntie pt 2

Being an Auntie is truely special. I’m not a mum, in a way I’m sure thats probably ‘better’ but there really is something so lovely about being an Auntie. For one you get to give them back!! (Something I always say but rarely want to do) you also get to be the fun one. The crazy one. The let’s eat cake at half 10 one. The ok, go on, one last time one. The sleepover queen. 

The one who these little people manage to wrap round their little finger no matter how hard you try to repell it (and let’s be honest you don’t try very hard!) 

This picture is what prompted me to write this post…

My three week old niece  and almost three year old nephew.

This photo fills me with equal amounts of pride and sadness.

Pride for that little boy that I met when he was barely an hour old, who I’m sure was only one yesterday! Being a beautiful big cousin to Evie-Mae, so caring and gentle.

But sadness because, I’m sure he was that small just a little while ago, they grow up so fast and until I had nieces and nephews I never quite realised just how fast. 

Everytime they achieve something I burst with pride for that little person but at the same time think, that’s another ‘First’ gone. But boy are we lucky to have those ‘firsts’! All those things we hope they’ll achieve and are so happy when they do.

I’m always sure to remember, with ‘firsts’ come ‘lasts’ so I read that story even though I’m tired (because I’m not used to running around after them all the time! Mums I don’t know how you do it!!) I treasure that sound when he runs to me and says ‘Ro Ro’ (A nickname I hope will have longevity, I can’t cope with the thought of not hearing that) those cuddles when he is tired or has fallen over and he just wants your comfort, or the dancing to fireman Sam round the lounge in your PJs.

Because in the blink of an eye he’ll be a big boy and Ro Ro’s not quite ready for that yet. Thank goodness for my other little ones.

Being an Auntie really has changed my life.

What do you love most about being am Auntie/Aunt/Uncle? 


Until next time, 

Roseanne πŸ™‚
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Baby shower fun πŸ’› Β 

So during May me and my twin sister Sarah hosted our big sisters baby shower! She is due mid July so we decided May would be the perfect time, especially with Half term then too.
We went for an afternoon tea theme with the colour scheme of yellow/grey/gold as they haven’t found out the baby s gender! This was really cool to plan as the only other baby showers I’ve organised are Sarah’s and they were both blue themed.

Here are the decorations…

Afternoon tea vibes ✌

We had loads of food from sweet fruit scones, jam Swiss roll, lemon cheesecake, chocolate cupcakes & Victoria sponge to savoury cheese straws  sandwiches, sausage rolls & a cheese ring! With plenty of tea and coffee.


So to keep the guests entertained we had a couple of games/activities and things for the guests to do.

Baby due date predictions.

Messages & advice.

Guess the baby. Whose old photo is whose?

Photo booth fun! 

Guess the size of the baby bump.

Opening presents.

Me, Sarah and Mum clubbed together to get Charlotte a few things that she still needed incl bottles, a steraliser & some bibs & baby grows.


We bought these super cute gift/favour bags to pip a little something in for each guest. We thought the floral vibe went well with the afternoon tea theme & would be right up Charlotte’s street. The colours were of courses perfect too. 

In the bags we had little bags of milk bottle sweets, retro 😎 and little wish bracelets. Sarah found these online and they are sooo cute.

* Make a Wish for baby *

‘Tie this bracelet on your wrist, close your eyes and make a Wish. When the bracelet breaks in two, the wish you made may soon come true.’

The bracelets are yellow with a little silver footprints charm. I love how you could personalise it too.

As a little memento for Charlotte we also made a sort of picture guest book (thanks Pinterest!) 

Everybody who came signed a balloon with their name and then I arranged it onto the pre drawn picture. Someone I work with is brilliant at drawing so I asked her to draw the elephant on, it looks fab. We thought this would be a lovely keepsake, perfect for the nursery.

It was a really fun (& tasty!) afternoon and everything went smoothly, which as a host is all you can ask for really! 

As I write this there are only 26 days (or 27 if my prediction is correct haha) until Baby S is due and I’ll be an Auntie for the 3rd time, EXCITING!!

Until next time, 

Roseanne πŸ™‚

EASTER! 🌼🐣πŸ₯

I havn’t done a blog post about something I’ve done in ages! I love reading those sort of posts myself (So I hope you guys do too!) Plus they are nice to look back on and reminisce. 

My hubby had Friday off of course which was a nice treat so we decided to make the most of the day and do as much as we could together and it was soooo nice.

Good Friday 

So we started off the day with a super yummy cooked brekky, a lovely Friday treat as usually we would both be at work and wouldn’t have time for such an indulgent breakfast.

After that we didn’t have long before the film we had decided to see at the cinema was starting (Beauty & the Beast!!!πŸ₯€) As we live close to our local cinema and the sun was shining we decided to walk.
Of course the film was amazing (I’d already seen it once!) But Tim also enjoyed it too.

We were getting a bit peckish again by the time the film had finished so we had a cheeky Nandos, because why not! It’s a bank HOLIDAY after all, treat yo self!

& the fun didn’t stop there, oh no. Next stop was back home for a spot of Harry Potter Monopoly (Yes you heard right!) 
My very clever and lovely husband designed and made this for me for my birthday a few years ago as offical Harry Potter Monopoly doesnt exist. It’s amazing.

In the evening we decided to grab a drive thru Starbucks from the new one in our hometown and head to our local bowling alley. The Starbucks was beaut. πŸ‘Œβ˜• 

We had three games of bowling (Tim won best of three) and then we headed home.

A very GOOD Friday! (Sorry, not sorry!)

Easter Weekend 


We completed our usual 5k Parkrun first thing Saturday morning, insert horrendous picture here ⬇

Once we had done that we went our separate ways to freshen up and get ready to go to Lowestoft. Tim’s mum & Dad have a holiday flat there so we are staying for the Easter weekend. 

We arrived around 2 o clock and settled in before heading to the shops to grab some dinner supplies. 

We then headed to the beach for a play & the arcades too!!!!! Seriously coooool.

Later on Me & Noah got creative and made some yummy chocolate Eatser treats…

& we cooked and ate dinner, watched BGT and played games in the evening 🎲

Easter Sunday 

First things first, EASTER EGGS!! 

We discovered the little cafe over the road from the flat is open on Easter Sunday so we headed over for breakfast… 

…unfortunately everyone else had the same idea!! Looks like they are the only place open for business on Easter Sunday, in Lowestoft.

Whilst we waited for our food we took a walk!
Oh I do like to stroll along the prom prom prom 🐚🌞

Once we were suitably full and wind swept we headed back for more Easter frivolity ie an Egg hunt & an Egg and spoon race.

For the rest of the afternoon we chilled out before heading back home.

Our family has an Easter tradition of a Chinese takeaway in the evening on Easter Sunday (Yeah it’s random I know) Don’t hate us cause you ain’t us! 

Jealous, right?! I love a family tradition. 

What do you guys do for Easter? 

Happy Easter! πŸ₯🐣🐰

Until next time, 

Roseanne πŸ™‚

Starting up a Youtube channel!Β 

So, Me & my twin sister decided to take the plunge and start our own Youtube channel and we have called it ‘Roseanne & Sarah’. We both love watching Youtubers online and have our own blogs…

 *Find those here πŸ‘‡



We thought that a Youtube channel would complement our blogs and be a lot of fun to film too. We will cover similar topics on the channel that we do in our blogs such as beauty, make up, fashion, lifestyle, family & Slimming world updates/tips/ideas.

We would love your support with this so head on over and take a look 😊

Roseanne & Sarah 

Don’t forget to ‘Subscribe’ to get updates when we post videos πŸ‘ Let me know what you think, any comments (nice please 😊) & tips would be great. 

Thanks guys!

Until next time, 

Roseanne πŸ™‚

Wedding photos πŸ’—

I thought I would share some wedding photos with you! If you’ve followed my blog for a while you will know that I started it to document the planning of our wedding last June!

We saved showing the photos as we wanted to give some out as Christmas presents, so now that Christmas is over I thought it would be nice to put them in a blog post.

I’m not putting them in any particular order either, it’s just a selection of them. 

Me & my bridesmaids. (From left) My best friend Roxy, me, my big sister Charlotte & my twin sister Sarah. 

You can tell by my face that I was trying desperately not to cry but failing miserably.

Me and one of my favourite little guys β™‘ I can’t believe how small he looks here, he looked so handsome in his little suit matching all the groomsmen. 

This is one of my favourite photos.

Nice pose…

…silly pose.

Our first dance as husband and wife to the song ‘Stand by me by Ben E King’

My gorgeous groom.

This photo pretty much sums me up! I loved doing the girly bride bit with my hair, make up and beautiful dress but I’ll always be much comfier in my converse.

Listening to our readings being done by family & Friends.

Mr 🎩 & Mrs πŸ‘°

With my mum and dad.

Exchanging our rings.

Our delicious bruschetta canopes for during the photos.

With Tims Mum, Dad and brother. 

Mine and the bridesmaids beautiful bouquets πŸ’ I love that we can keep them forever.

One of my favourite bits of the day! Going for a little drive together in the car, after the ceremony πŸ’—

My face in this one is hilarious πŸ˜‚

‘You may kiss the bride’ πŸ’‹

Uncle TT and Auntie Ro Ro with Noah.

The new Mr and Mrs Byford.

Party, party, party!

Best.Day.Ever  11/06/16 

I can’t believe it’s been 7 months already, where has the time gone?!? We’ve just booked our flights to Venice for our first wedding anniversary, I can’t wait.

Until next time, 

Roseanne πŸ™‚

Brunch 🍳

Yesterday morning me, Tim, Sarah, Dan, the kids & our friends went for brunch at Coast to Coast. They have recently opened in the newly refurbished Buttermarket shopping centre in my home town.

The interior is really cool in Coast to Coast! 

The food was super yummy too…

I had the breakfast feast that consisted of crispy bacon, sausage, fried eggs, breakfast potatoes, a sweet potatoe fritter & pancakes with maple syrup…

And tea of course…

Tim had the breakfast stack which also comes with breakfast potatoes too.

Noah had a lovely time too with his fruit & Yoghurt sundae πŸ“

It was nice to all meet up and have some yummy food 😊

A great way to spend a rainy day πŸŒ§β›†

Until next time,

Roseanne πŸ™‚

A weekend of fun πŸŽ†πŸ˜±πŸ‘

This weekend we’ve had lots of fun, friends, fireworks, frights, family & food! My idea of a great weekend. 

It started on Friday evening with us going to the fireworks in Sproughton with friends. We grabbed some hot food & drinks and watched the fireworks together, they were really good. We had sparklers afterwards and then checked out the toasty bonfire πŸŽ†πŸ”₯

On Saturday me, Tim, Sarah & four other friends went to Scaresville at Kentwell Hall! I’ve never been to anything like that before and it was brilliant! It’s basically a horror live action experience with sets and scarers. I have never jumped & screamed so much in my entire life πŸ˜„πŸ˜±

The location, sets & actors are fab and you really feel like you are in a horror film. It lasted for an hour & a half and for how good it was Β£27 was a bargin! I can’t wait to go again next year 😱

Here are some pics of the ‘Unfairground’ where you wait for your scare experience to begin!

And a group selfie to prove we made it out alive! 

Sunday saw a visit from this little guy…

Noah, my eldest nephew came round for a play with Auntie RoRo & Uncle TT on Sunday morning. 

He loved the new Mr Kipling cake stand I had got him and we also played some instruments together & did some colouring too.

We stopped for lunch & a spot of Peppa pig before dropping him back off home.

It was lovely to see him as always πŸ’™

Once we had dropped Noah home we made our way to The Swan at Westerfield for Tim’s nannas birthday meal. It was nice to see some of the family & to enjoy some yummy food. 

My main was Spinach & buffalo ricotta ravioli in a tomatoe sauce.

Tim had the cheese & bacon steak burger with chips & onion rings.

Dessert was my favourite though…

Baked white chocolate tart with berry compote & vanilla ice cream

 Hands down one of the best desserts I’ve had in agesπŸ‘Œ

Tim had the double chocolate pot 🍫

We spent the rest of Sunday chilling out together, eating snacks & binge watching the big bang theory (Do we really have to go to work tommorrow?!? 😣)

What did you get up to this weekend? 

Until next time, 

Roseanne πŸ™‚

Holiday Glamping fun πŸ•

In the half term me, my husband Tim, Sister Sarah, her husband Dan & their kiddies Noah & Casey went on a little holiday together. 

We decided to go to Wavney River Centre in Norfolk to stay in one of their ‘Escape pods’ for a couple of nignts Thurs-Sat. My sister and her family had previously stayed there and loved it so we thought why not!

Here’s our pod…

Me & Tim had the top bunk whilst Sarah & Dan had the beds either side, with the children in the middle.

It may look small but you don’t feel like you squished considering there were 4 adults and 2 small children in our one. It’s all made of wood which is lovely and they have a nice homey feel to them.

Tim loved chilling out on the bunk πŸ‘

There is lots to do on site at Wavney River Centre! They have a swimming pool with a jacuzzi, a lovely children’s play area and a pub/resturant that serves delicious food & drinks.

Little Casey had his first swim during the holiday which he seemed to enjoy & Noah loved dipping his toes into the jacuzzi.

There were a few things to do nearby too, within driving distance (I would say having a car is essential if you are staying there) 

We took the kiddies to the Oasis Camel Park. πŸͺ🐫

We saw lots of animals…

…but, Tim was the only one brave enough to feed them.

We made it out of the maze…

…I made a new friend…

& we took a train ride πŸš‚πŸšƒ

Camel selfie πŸ‘πŸ«

It was a fun day! We went swimming again afterwards & had smores in the evening after some yummy food at the resturant.

On the Saturday we met up with my other sister & her husband at Pleasurewood hills for their ‘Pleasurewood Chills’ event. There were lots of spooky decorations, rides & an awesome fireworks display to finish the night!

The fireworks display was really good..πŸŽ†

We rounded off the holiday with a meal together at the Harvester nearby! It was such a good holiday, I didn’t want it to end.

What did you get up to in half term?

Until next time,

Roseanne πŸ™‚ 

Bank holiday blogΒ 

So as you will know we had a bank holiday at the beginning of the week, a long weekend = happy Roseanne πŸ™‚ 

Here’s what I got up to..

Friday evening 

 Me & my sister Sarah went to a Crumble magic party. It’s the same premise as body shop parties just with Crumble magic products.

Crumble magic is one of Sarahs in laws business and the candles she makes smell incredible. They are essentially ‘creative candle scents’ 

I love candles & smellies so I was in heaven 😍 

My favourite scent that I picked up was the divine ‘Strawberry lemonade’ it smells lush and like real fizzy lemonade. I can’t wait to burn this one πŸ‘Œ

Check out Crumble magic on facebook or online here


We had a chilled out Saturday which is always a winner. Tim was off to the football with my dad so I went to watch ‘The BFG’ at our local Cineworld. I have been wanting to see this for a while so before it went out of the cinema I thought I’d go. 

I really enjoyed the film, although it is definitely aimed more at children! (Big kid right here πŸ™Œ) It was a lovely representation of the book & funny too.

In the evening we went to our friends house for dinner & games. They have recently moved into their new place so it was lovely to see it & see how they are getting on with decorating. Their house is so lovely 🏑

Dinner was a delicious home cooked Shepards pie & afterwards we played a game of ‘Scotland Yard’.

All in all a great Saturday πŸ‘


On Sunday we had a busy but fun day. We started off by taking part in the Bubble run at one of the local parks, the course is 5K and included bubble/foam stations along the way!

It was lots of fun! The run was in aid of St Elizabeth hospice, so it was nice to do a bit of good too πŸ™‚

At 6 we went to the new trampolining place that has opened on Cardinal Park, it’s called Flux.

We went here with Tim’s work friends and had a great time, it was a bit different & a fun way to exercise too. I can’t wait to go back!

Afterwards we all went to Nandos for dinner, always a winner with me πŸ“πŸ—


Monday was a lovely family day. My Auntie had come down to see this little fella…

This is Casey James Parker, my new nephewβ™‘  24.08.16 9.53am 8lb 10.5oz

He is a beauty & I was lucky enough to witness him come into the world.

Lots of cuddles all round πŸ™‚

We took Noah & Casey for a walk to the park in the afternoon & then stopped off for dinner at KFC on the way home. I havnt had it in ages so it was a nice treat & Noah certainly enjoyed himself…

I hope you all had a fab bank holiday, roll on the next one πŸ˜‰

Until next time,

Roseanne πŸ™‚ 

Sunday by the sea πŸŒžπŸŒŠ

Today me, Tim, Sarah & Noah joined our friends at Felixstowe for an afternoon in the sun.

We havnt had a very good summer so far but this weekend has been hot, hot, hot!🌝
We started off by heading to the seafront and a chip shop for some lunch (I had already grabbed some healthy alternatives from M&S to keep me on plan!)

After that  me and Sarah took Noah inside to cool down! ice creams were purchased 🍦

We had lots of fun at the beach 🐚 

I love the seaside and we British do them so well! Its always nice and feels familiar when we re-visit Felixstowe as I spent a lot of my childhood there with my Nana.

Until next time,

Roseanne πŸ™‚