Back to School stationary ✏

Back to School Stationary

And yeah it counts, because I work in a school! Haha.

I love a bit of stationary, any excuse! But one that’s actually legit is ‘Back to School’ at September time.

I work as a learning support assistant (Or a TA, whatever you like!) in a primary school, So stationary is essential! But also, who doesn’t love a pretty notebook & pencil case!?!

So, here’s my mini haul ready to go back to work this September! Let’s take a look!


Pink is one of my absolute fave colours, especially this dusky shade! teamed with the gold font and I was sold.

This diary is perfect for this time of year as it starts from July 2018 and goes all the way up to August 2019.

I really like the timetable section as this will be super handy at work for keeping track of where I need to be and when.

This was £8.99 in WH Smith’s.


I have two of these Harry Potter notebooks ready for the coming year and they are SO cool.

They are a simple lined notebook with a ring spine.

Perfect for taking notes and keeping on top of lists.

These were both given to me as a gift but there is alot of Harry Potter merch around atm so I’m sure they, or something similar, would be super easy to find!


September means Sharpies!

I always get a new set of these bad boys in the ‘Back to School’ sales and this year was no exception!

I always look in Tesco as they usually have a great stationary sale around this time of year and it’s all so pretty.

This is a limited edition set of Sharpies that comes with 30 pens. It has 24 Fine point markers and 6 Ultra fine point markers.

Sharpies are great, the selection of colours in this set is awesome and they last ages.

This set was £15 in Tesco.


These highlighter are beautiful 😍

I use highlighters all the time at work and they are just super handy when making notes, taking observations and doing assessments.

I had to pick these up in pastel colours because, just look at them!!!

SO cool.

This pack was a bargain at £2.99 because I was buying the planner at the same time. Kind of like an add on item!

£2.99 in WH Smith’s

Enjoy your time back at school!

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂

Stationary Haul: Work edition 🍍🌴✏

I work in a Primary school and this week (beg 17th) is the last week of term! Hurrah!! (Although spare a thought for those of us who still work in the holidays)

I love a bit of stationary as much as the next person, plus I like to get a fresh set for September (Back to school! Seriously you think that’s only a thing when your a child, it isn’t when you work in a school) so when I went into the Range and I was delighted to find some awesome stationary.

If you are a regular round here you’ll have noticed from a few of my previous posts that I’m really into the tropical print atm, so you’ll see why this stationary range grabbed my attention ✌

Let’s take a look!

I love this Ombre, holographic, shiny notebook with ‘My colourful life’ on the front, cute. I went for green as it’s my favourite colour and it was nice and bright.

This was £1.99

These tropical themed A5 note pads are so lovely and very similar to some I mentioned in a previous post, check that out >>here<< 

When I saw the pineapples and flamingos I had to get one of each 🙈 These were £1 each, bargin!

These flamingo shaped post it notes are so cute and were only £1.50

And just incase post it notes aren’t enough I picked up this set of sticky notes. This set has large post it’s at the top and four tab sticky notes. I love that these have  little pictures on. These were £1.

Paperclip with pom poms on… need I say anymore!?! So cool. I love the colours too. This pack was £1.49.

A pack of rubbers, because again they are tropical themed! But also because I can never find a rubber when the kids at work need one and I think they would like these too! This pack was £1.

And last but not least…

I thought I would just include this as I picked it up at the Range too. This is a mini colouring book with patterns and pictures in it for you to colour in. I love the adult colouring books and thought this was cute for on the go. I went for the wildlife one. The pictures are really pretty so I can’t wait to add a splash of colour to them. This was £1.

So as you can see the Range have some awesome stationary and it’s so cheap!! Love it. 

I still work in the summer hols but I get a couple of days off here and there and a couple of weeks in the middle! So here’s to a bit of a rest ready for the challenges that September and another new term will hold.

Until next time, 

Roseanne 🙂