Post wedding!

I thought I would do a little update post wedding as it’s been a couple of weeks since the big day.


Lots of people have asked me,‘So how’s married life?’‘No different’ is my usual response but there are a few changes…

○ Being called Mrs Byford. To begin with this made me feel a bit sad, I’d lost my identity as Roseanne Green but now I’ve got used to it I’m quite proud to share Tims name and be the Mrs Byford to his Mr Byford.

○ I feel a bit more adult now that I have a husband!! (Not much) but a little bit. It’s very odd being a MRS!!

○ We made a cleaning/chores rota! (Finally) The only thing me and Tim have ever bickered about since sharing a home is chores and now that we are married we thought why spoil the married bliss?! so, instead we solved the problem and it actually works really well. We share them out much more evenly between us.

Having been together 5 years our relationship as it is hasn’t really changed massivly since becoming Mr & Mrs but I think it does make you think about the vows and promises you make and I hope that we always remember those that we pledged to one another and enjoy sharing our lives together as a “legally binding’ couple.

We havnt quite finished sorting out all the wedding stuff yet but I have put some of our lovely decorations to good use around the flat 🙂






I thought it would be nice to freshen up the flat, now that the wedding planning is done, by moving things around a bit. In the summer I like to be able to have our double doors to the Juliette balcony open.

We are still getting wedding post and Mr & Mrs cards which is always nice!


I ordered some photos from the free prints app This is great as you get 50 free prints a month and only pay postage.


I used this alot for the wedding and I thought I would get a few pictures of the wedding printed that our guests took and that were shared on facebook…

… It’s nice to have some to look at until we get our official ones through.

Well, that’s all for now!

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂


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