A fun day out ☆

My older sister Charlotte turned 30 in January so me and my twin sister Sarah planned a day of fun as her present. We did this during the half term holidays when we didn’t have work.

We started off our day by driving to Colchester for breakfast! Sarah had found a nice looking place called Bills. It was delicious!!


Me and Charlotte had the Bills breakfast. It came with white toast,  streaky bacon, fried eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and sausages that tasted like they had chorizo in, they were so yummy. I added a hash brown to mine and Charlotte added beans.

Sarah had avocado on toast which she really enjoyed too. 



We shared a plate of buttermilk pancakes between us as they were the size of dinner plates and you got three in a serving. They were drizzled in maple syrup and adorned with fruit, easily the best pancakes I’ve had from a resturant.




After breakfast we made our way to Aqua springs spa, this is right next to the leisure centre. It’s such a great place as it’s got all the features of your usual spas, a nice cafe to grab a drink or snack and treatments to add on if you want! The upside being that it costs only £14 and you can stay as long as you like.

It was so relaxing just chilling in the Hydrotherapy spas and jacuzzi. They also have a steam room, salt inhalation room, and 3 different saunas ranging from mild to volcanic in heat.

We booked in to have our nails painted so at 1.30 Sarah and Charlotte had theirs done and at 2 pm I had mine done.


I love this colour, I just wish I could paint it on as neatly as they do!!

Once our nails had dried and we were feeling totally relaxed we got changed and made our way home.

Once we were back at Charlottes we prepared our homemade afternoon tea, our last treat of the day.

I made a lemon drizzle tray bake, here it is:

It was super delicious (if I do say so myself haha) I’ve put a link to the recipe below.


I brought some red velvet cupcakes and sweet and savoury scones to have with jam and clotted cream, yummy!




Sarah made some sandwiches to go with all the cake, we had some cheese and some egg.

And of course tea!





It was a really fun day, very relaxing with lots of yummy treats!

Happy 30th Birthday Charlotte!

Until next time,

Roseanne 🙂


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