A weekend with Noah!

This weekend Tim is on a stag do so I have the lovely Noah to keep me company.

On Friday night I took Noah to see the fireworks at Sproughton with some friends.
Noahs never seen fireworks before but he seemed to like them and was fine with the noise which was great. He really liked looking at the bonfire too.

Here are some pictures of us all at the fireworks.


Me & Noah.




Livy & Noah.


Watching the fireworks with Auntie Roseanne.



Fireworks selfie.

Today (Saturday) after a lovely 9 hours sleep (fireworks definatly tired someone out!!) we headed to the cinema to meet my sisters. Cineworld do ‘movies for juniors’ film showings so we went to watch The Minions movie.



Noah had a lovely time with his mummy & aunties and lots of yummy snacks!

Once the film had finished we said goodbye to the others and headed off to town. Noah fell asleep for the majority of the shopping trip but auntie Roseanne managed to shop till she dropped!

Back at mine we played with his toys, did some colouring, sung and danced to some songs and played some musical instruments.
We had a lovely afternoon.





He’s sleeping now while I watch a bit of TV, it’s been a busy but fun day 🙂

Tommorrow morning the bridesmaids are coming round for some wedding craft! I’ll do a blog about this wedding update soon.

Until next time, 

Roseanne 🙂


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